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"I'm Ken. What about you?"
"...Does it matter?"
"Yes, I'm sure it does."

He said, then bobbed his head as though in agreement.
He closed his eyes, letting my name roll off his beak once more.

"What a lovely name."

A free visual novel from Winter Lacrima!

Ken the crow has fallen in love with Eli the cat, and visits her daily with shiny presents to win her heart. On one such visit, Ken comes to Eli and asks that she follows him to a place... There, one of them will have to face the past that they ran away from.

Number of Routes: 2
Number of Endings: 13 (2 True Ends, 2 Good Ends, 4 Major Bad Ends, 5 Minor Bad Ends)

Estimated Play Time:
One Ending - 1 hour
ALL Endings - 3 hours

What happens to the pets that have been left behind?

We often see stories about the relationships of humans and pets that ends when the latter dies due to their relatively shorter lifespan. But what about the other way around? What happens to pets whose humans had shorter lifespans than them? What would they do afterwards?

This story explores that concept in the perspective of the pets themselves, as they find love and inspiration in each other to move on.